Zombies in Mazes Walking Dead


noun 1. a.

The body of a dead person given the semblance of life, but mute and will-less, by a supernatural force, usually for some evil purpose.


breath entered them. Then they came to life and stood on their feet. There were enough of them to form a very large army.   The LORD also said to me, “Son of man, all the people of Israel are like these bones. The people say, ‘Our bones are dry, and our hope has vanished. We are completely destroyed.’  So prophesy. Tell them, ‘This is what the Almighty LORD says: My people, I will open your graves and take you out of them. I will bring you to Israel. 3 Then, my people, you will know that I am the LORD, because I will open your graves and bring you out of your graves.  Ezekiel  37:10-13

The above scriptures kind of sound like a zombie army, don’t they?


My son loves watching The Walking Dead.  I think it is because it is so ridiculously unreal.   But there is a reality similar to The Walking Dead that is very real and very unseen:


Many are captive

Held in unbelief

In their own dark world

With no real relief

No hope, no purpose

To idols they cling

Drinking the poison

These false gods bring

Delusional lives

Like zombies they’re dead

Refusing real drink

Refusing real bread

Starving and wand’ring

In desert wastelands

Suppressing the truth

While kicking at sand

Scorching hot it burns

The soles of their feet

As their hearts remain

Hard in swelt’ring heat

The precepts and laws

Deliberately placed

To frustrate and mirror

Their false estate

Leading and guiding

A deliberate maze

Through dark unbelief

And spiritual haze

Some never finding


Refusing release

While others are drawn

By a beckoning peace

Even as they have

Confusion by day

They follow a path

Though narrow Its way

They know there is more

They know deep inside

The drawing of souls

To the Savior’s side

(C) Amy C.


These scriptures remind me of zombies:

They wandered around the desert on a deserted road without finding an inhabited city.  They were hungry and thirsty. They began to lose hope.  In their distress they cried out to the LORD. He rescued them from their troubles.  He led them on a road that went straight to an inhabited city.  Let them give thanks to the LORD because of his mercy. He performed his miracles for Adam’s descendants.  He gave plenty to drink to those who were thirsty. He filled those who were hungry with good food.  Those who lived in the dark, in death’s shadow were prisoners in misery. They were held in iron chains  because they had rebelled against God’s words and had despised the advice given by the Most High.  So he humbled them with hard work. They fell down, but no one was there to help them.  In their distress they cried out to the LORD. He saved them from their troubles.  He brought them out of the dark, out of death’s shadow. He broke apart their chains.  Let them give thanks to the LORD because of his mercy. He performed his miracles for Adam’s descendants.  He shattered bronze gates and cut iron bars in two.  Fools suffered because of their disobedience and because of their crimes.  All food was disgusting to them, and they came near death’s gates In their distress they cried out to the LORD. He saved them from their troubles.  He sent his message and healed them. He rescued them from the grave Let them give thanks to the LORD because of his mercy. He performed his miracles for Adam’s descendants.  Let them bring songs of thanksgiving as their sacrifice. Let them tell in joyful songs what he has done. Psalm 107:4-22

This scripture reminds me that there is hope for zombies:

Jesus answered John’s disciples, “Go back, and tell John what you have seen and heard: Blind people see again, lame people are walking, those with skin diseases are made clean, deaf people hear again, dead people are brought back to life, and poor people hear the Good News!  Luke 7:22

Are YOU a zombie?

For the wages of sin is death; Romans 6:23a

There is only one way to not be a zombie:

but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 6:23b

Even if you choose to live as a zombie all the days of your life, remember that all zombies must eventually die and this promise holds true even to your dieing breath:

Jesus answered him, I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one goes to the Father except through me.    John 14:6

Please receive the truth!


About lifevine

Hi! My name is Amy. I am a former atheist and, for a season, practiced witchcraft. God drew me out of darkness 20 years ago and gave me the spiritual gifts of knowing and faith. He gives me daily encouragement and affirmation and I hope to share Him with you. If you have not yet met the one true God, His name is Jesus Christ, and may I be the first to introduce you to Him? He is the Restorative Savior God promised Adam and Eve 6,000 years ago (Genesis 3:15) after they had sinned in the garden, bringing separation from God because of disobedience. It is rightly reported that a little over 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem He was born of a virgin, lived a blameless perfect life in and around Jerusalem, died on a cross on Golgotha for the world's sin, and 3 days later rose again. YES! ROSE AGAIN! AMAZING! Please get baptized in His name, and walk in an eternal restored fellowship with Christ. You can get to know Him by reading, marking, and inwardly digesting His Word.... His Holy Bible.
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