You are the ‘apple butter’ of my eye?

I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and in his word I put my hope. Psalm 130:5

I blogged that my son and I made apple butter last week.  Boy was it good!  Only God could make the things that make apple butter taste so yummy.

If you don’t believe in God – not just some vague, spiritual, mythical, being of light or religion, but the real God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit – and if you don’t read The Holy Bible every day…all I can say is you are missing out on the vast love of an amazing, forgiving God Who is active in your daily life.

Let me explain.

Have you ever heard the saying, “You are the apple of my eye?”  Do you know where that came from?  The Bible.

Well, The Lord Jesus has been speaking that into the life of my son and I for the last few days.  See, my husband and I homeschool our son so that he is “brought up in the training and admonition of the Lord,”  something sorely and sadly lacking in the public, government run school system.  One of our daily “assignments” this year is to learn a scripture from Proverbs.  Three days ago it was Proverbs 7:2,

“Keep my commands and you will live; guard my teachings as the apple of your eye

Before we began reading this scripture I explained to my son that even though these words were written thousands of years ago by a King to his son, by faith we believe that God inspired this King to speak and record these words for himself and a “future generation”, and God is breathing life into these words and speaking them to us, His children, today.

Yesterday, we were watching the next to last “Body of Evidence” video in our health class series.  This particular video was on the “Hearing Ear and the Seeing Eye.”  Dr. David Menton started out “The Seeing Eye” segment by mentioning these verses from scripture,

“He found him in a desert land And in the wasteland, a howling wilderness; He encircled him, He instructed him, He kept him as the apple of His eye.  Deut 32:10

“Keep me as the apple of your eye, hide me under the shadow of your wings.” Psalm 17:8

For this is what the LORD Almighty says: “After he has honored me and has sent me against the nations that have plundered you—for whoever touches you touches the apple of his eye—Zech 2:8

The Dr. went on to ask the students what happens when someone tries to poke you in the eye?  He mentioned three things about the eye reflexes:

1) They are a “protective” reflex.

2)  They are the fastest reflex in the body.

3) The eye reflex is the last reflex of the body to be lost at death.  If doctors want to tell if someone is dead they will check the eye reflexes.

He stated the obvious lesson in these verses, and that is that the Lord protects us the same way.

Last night before I went to bed I was reading Martin Luther’s “House Postils – First Sunday after Easter – Quasimodogenitl,” and in it he preached,

“Whoever touches a Christian believer touches the apple of God’s eye.”

My heart is deeply touched because I just went to look for a song to post having to do with my blog, as is my tradition, and found this one that I had just viewed on my birthday four days ago.  I hadn’t caught the significance until just now when I viewed it again and listened more closely to the words…I think I hear the Spirit of the Living God even in a little apple-faced boy.  How does the Holy Spirit do that???

Jesus, you are an affirming God.  You are a revealing God.  You care for us and protect us as the “apple of your eye.”  By faith, I recognize that none of these string of  “apple of your eye” incidents are just mere coincidence, but the act of a God who wants to be known, but even more amazing, wants to know us, and does know us.  This can’t be any more evident than 2,000 years ago when Jesus lived the perfect life that we couldn’t, died on a cross for our sin, and rose again for our justification.  I’m saddened when I think about the 34 years I wasted in unbelief, and yet even now can look back and see other “coincidences” when you were faithfully revealing yourself to me.  May others come to know and see this love that is so infinite.  Amen.


About lifevine

Hi! My name is Amy. I am a former atheist and, for a season, practiced witchcraft. God drew me out of darkness 17 years ago and gave me the spiritual gifts of knowing and faith. He gives me daily encouragement and affirmation and I hope to share Him with you. If you have not yet met the one true God, His name is Jesus Christ, and may I be the first to introduce you to Him? He is the Restorative Savior God promised Adam and Eve 6,000 years ago (Genesis 3:15) after they had sinned in the garden, bringing separation from God because of disobedience. It is rightly reported that a little over 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem He was born of a virgin, lived a blameless perfect life in and around Jerusalem, died on a cross on Golgotha for the world's sin, and 3 days later rose again. YES! ROSE AGAIN! AMAZING! Please get baptized in His name, and walk in an eternal restored fellowship with Christ. You can get to know Him by reading, marking, and inwardly digesting His Word.... His Holy Bible.
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2 Responses to You are the ‘apple butter’ of my eye?

  1. Cindy says:

    Hi Amy. my name is Cindy. I found your testimony bcs I was looking up “Apple of my eye” scriptures for my SS class tomorrow morning. Love what the Lord has done for you and me too 🙂 Happy in Jesus.

    • lifevine says:

      God’s blessings, Cindy. Glad we are Sisters in Christ. God bless your Sunday School class, too! They are the apple of His eye! Thanks for reading! -Amy

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