Is Charlie Sheen just an optical illusion?

C4N R3AD TH15. R3 P05T 1F U C4N

I saw the above post numerous times on facebook walls this morning.  I got a sense of accomplishment after reading it.  Interesting.  And it sparked some interesting thoughts in my head.  The first thought was how neat that our brains work like this.  The next thought was how the devil can mimic Jesus in so many ways just like these numbers mimic letters and enable us to read letters that really aren’t there.  This makes me think of the man and woman *cough* Jehovah’s Witnesses *cough* who showed up at my door the other day.  I think, by the time they left, they wished they hadn’t picked my house.  I was NOT in the mood.

It is so amazing to me how people can read the Bible and interpret it so many ways, but it just goes to show you that the devil is at work deceiving the masses, and if you try to interpret it without the Holy Spirit enabling you, you will get all kinds of mixed messages….kind of like numbers mixed in with letters, or an optical illusion…

I admit when I first started seeking God it was difficult to read the Bible and understand it, and I definitely didn’t understand who Jesus was!  It wasn’t until His Spirit chose to open up my understanding did any of it even start to make sense.

Getting back to our little visit.  The pair of wolves in sheep’s clothing asked me, “Is our worship important to God?  I answered, “Of course it is.”  And that sparked a little anger in me because they worship the wrong God!  So, I didn’t waste any time cutting her off when I saw her opening up her “Bible.”  I asked them point blank, “Do you believe that Jesus is God?”  “No.” they said (false prophet), “We believe he is the Son of God,” they stressed.

I then asked them, “What about all the times that people fell at Jesus’ feet and worshiped him?  He didn’t stop them, and if He weren’t God He would have stopped them.” (Jesus, being the Son of God would have known that that was blasphemy)  Their unbelievably arrogant answer, “Oh, He didn’t WANT their worship.”  smh. I said, “Oh, really?”

The lady tried to quote another verse from her J.W. Bible, but something in me was compelled to cut her off again and ask them, “Then how do you explain John 1:1, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word WAS God?”  To which the lady immediately shut her Bible and mumbled something about me obviously knowing scripture

and then said, “It’s no use arguing with you. Have a good day.”  And they scooted off my front porch faster than a high-tailed squirrel crossing a busy road.

My parting words following them, “I will pray for you that you see the True Light.”

Sounds arrogant doesn’t it?

I’ve wrestled with this since they left my driveway.  I’ve also wrestled with the way I treated them by cutting them off before they could speak because I am not an eloquent speaker, and I’m definitely not one for controversy or confrontation.   As a matter of fact, my heart was pounding the entire time I was talking to them.

The Lord finally gave me peace yesterday with a scripture in Titus 1:10-11.  Paul was talking about false prophets, albeit not J.W.s, but the same thought applies,  “There are many believers…who are rebellious. They speak nonsense and deceive people.  They must be silenced because they are ruining whole families by teaching what they shouldn’t teach.”

Martin Luther said it best, “But, if many things still remain abstruse to many, this does not arise from obscurity in the Scriptures, but from [our] own blindness or want [i.e. lack] of understanding, who do not go the way to see the all-perfect clearness of the truth… Let, therefore, wretched men cease to impute, with blasphemous perverseness, the darkness and obscurity of their own heart to the all-clear scriptures of God… If you speak of the internal clearness, no man sees one iota in the Scriptures, but he that hath the Spirit of God… If you speak of the external clearness, nothing whatever is left obscure or ambiguous; but all things that are in the Scriptures, are by the Word brought forth into the clearest light, and proclaimed to the whole world.”

Father God,  Help me to proclaim the Truth, Jesus, with clarity and authority, as it was first spoken to me.   Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.  The Truth must be spoken or no one will ever see clearly.  Thank you for showing me the Truth so that I can show others the beauty of forgiveness found in the gospel message:  Jesus lived.  Jesus died on a cross for our sin, Jesus rose again.   The only unforgivable sin is to continue to live in disbelief after having received the Truth that Jesus is God.  In Jesus name, Amen.


About lifevine

Hi! My name is Amy. I am a former atheist and, for a season, practiced witchcraft. God drew me out of darkness 17 years ago and gave me the spiritual gifts of knowing and faith. He gives me daily encouragement and affirmation and I hope to share Him with you. If you have not yet met the one true God, His name is Jesus Christ, and may I be the first to introduce you to Him? He is the Restorative Savior God promised Adam and Eve 6,000 years ago (Genesis 3:15) after they had sinned in the garden, bringing separation from God because of disobedience. It is rightly reported that a little over 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem He was born of a virgin, lived a blameless perfect life in and around Jerusalem, died on a cross on Golgotha for the world's sin, and 3 days later rose again. YES! ROSE AGAIN! AMAZING! Please get baptized in His name, and walk in an eternal restored fellowship with Christ. You can get to know Him by reading, marking, and inwardly digesting His Word.... His Holy Bible.
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2 Responses to Is Charlie Sheen just an optical illusion?

  1. Jennifer says:

    YOU DID GOOD pointing out those particular Scriptures to the JW visitors. They need to hear Truth….they are sooo misled. And I’ve been told that you must interrupt them or you won’t get the opportunity to speak. Give yourself a pat on the back!

  2. lifevine says:

    Thank you for the encouragement, Jennifer. Blessings be poured out on your day and may Jesus allow you to see some of them. Amy

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